Monday, March 28, 2011

Windows cannot connect to the domain

Sometimes when you use a cloned machine or a virtual machine or anything that can make confusion about computer name/SID for a domain controller you will see that message and you won't be able to login to the machine with your active directory credential, one the easiest ways to solve the problem would be rejoining the machine to the domain again. if you don't know how to do that here are the steps :
  1. login with local administrator account then right click on "my computer" and select properties then select the "computer name" tab
  2. hit the change button , select the WORKGROUP radio and type a name
  3. confirm OK's all along but no restart required just now
  4. repeat the above steps but this time join the computer to desired domain (select Domain radio button instead)
  5. OK and restart

it solved my problem hope it works for you