Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Years ago I read a short story about someone who hired by police to help to capture some drug dealers with some special kind of drug that makes it impossible for the addict to find out if you are awake or dreaming, the victim will live his life even for years then one morning he wakes up and find himself in a condition right after he has been drugged, as I remember the hero of the story fall for it and could never understand if he is dreaming or awake.

the Christopher Nolan movie "Inception" is another marvelous work of this director/writer going around the boundary between dream world and the real world, a group of talented professionals (thieves) use the power of dream to do missions (not some super heroes trying to save world but more like people doing jobs), usually Industry spying by stealing ideas and information and secrets from subconscious mind of people in sleep, their last mission would be putting an idea in one's mind instead of stealing it, a mission so hard that changes every thing.
one of the amazing things of this movie is dreaming in another dream, they would enter to dream world of one of them and in that dream again they will sleep and enter another one's dream, other beautiful thing in the story is the love between persons from two different worlds of dream and reality,I like the movie the act, the script, everything is good, the visual effects are amazing specially the no-gravity floating scene, the only negative point is related to my taste of movie ending, I like to end of movie be clear not the multiple possibility foggy ending. I can be 90% sure about the end but what about the other 10%, is that ended that way or this way.
so at the end : I like Inception :)