Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a book by Bernard Cornwell I've recently finished and is a first book of The Saxon Stories series. it's about Uhtred. the second son of Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg, someday when Uhtred was about 10 years old the Danes come to their land and kill his elder brother, that night the son take his father's name : Uhtred (before that the name belong to elder son).

soon his father get killed in war and Uhtred captured by the murderer of his father & brother : Ragnar the Feerless. he raised Uhtred like his son and make him a good warior after a while Ragnar get killed by another viking warlord and the english boy returns to Saxon army which by now accepted lot of damage from Danes.
proving his skills King Alfered the Great asks him to help kingdom sailing & building warships and to make him more dependent to wessex ask him to marry Mildreth...
the book is full of scream & war & blood it is a historical book and I think except the story the context of events should be true because of some names in the story that are real warlords and kings. it's a good book and I will continue other book of series as soon I get one.

Ruins & Mirrors

The Ruins : some half-n-a-k-e-d teens go to a south American pyramid and enforced to remain there by locals, soon they will know the reason : they have touched a dangerous meat eater plant.
the movie has not something special, only some fresh skin and some blood and meat, the scene where the boy cut his friend's legs by a stone (to break the bone) and a small knife (to cut meat) is horrible along side the girl who butchered her self.I am sure the Stephen King's story is better than the movie.

Mirrors has better story, although it has a lot of blood in it, evil reaches this world through mirrors or anything reflected like a mirror a man with no bright past and in danger future find's out that something mysterious happens about the mirrors in the building he works and outside of the building, the evil spirit in the mirror kill people by doing something to the reflection of those people, trying to find "Assaker" (or something like that) which is a girl's name that everything is starts with her.

the best scene is the last scene : the man gets out from ruins and finds himself mirrored, every thing appeared like they are being seen through a mirror, now he become a ghost in the mirror.

The Black White House

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