Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cars & Red Light

Cars behind the red light on a street waiting for green are like predators waiting to get unleashed to tear you apart.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Are Free To Eat

I just love this part :

The Graveyard book

Neil Gaiman is an author that I've never heard of him before reading (actually listening) the Grave Yard Book , the audio book is read by author so the listener has the book as the writer wants it.

think of The Jungle Book and change the Jungle with graveyard and replace animals that protecting the boy with souls of dead people (actually author thought the same), the story is about a family murdered by a talented killer named Jack , only 1.5 year old boy could scape to near graveyard where his recently murdered mother's soul asks spirits in graveyard to protect her son. (she couldn't do that because she does not belong to that graveyard). Mr & Mrs Owens took responsibility of the child and named him "Nobody Owens" (he is often called Bod), there is another mysterious man named Silas Bod's guardian who is not alive nor dead... there is some adventures there when Bod grew up and finally he found the reason of murder of his family.

the book could be much better with such a good idea, but story does not goes so well, the book is good enough, but not excellent work.