Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deception Point

I recently finished reading Deception Point by Dan Brown, a political techno-thriller novel that at first looks like a anti U.S government novel but in the last you will find out that president of the united states (or according to the book POTUS) is a most innocent god blessed man in the world.

Dan Brown like always made a excellent story he could make us wait eagerly for 20 chapter to tell us where one of the story heroes is going to, I'd rather not to tell the plot but if you want to know you can see here. I read Da Vinci Code in Persian (translated) so can't be sure if it was not censored but the last rows of book are very similar to Angles & Demons, the story ends up in BED. the other point that I noticed was the names, like Senator Sedgewick S/e/x/ton that pronounced like S/e/x/teen or president Zack Herney that pronounced like h/o/r/ny or Corky Marlinson the chubby astrophysicist with that strange name, Dan have should some some ideas!

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