Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Kingdom

In Hollywood, Muslims are stupid dumb dirty humans that are depending on film's American star or the star save them all when they are scared to death and unable to do anything, the first movie I've seen, that in it Muslims weren't dumb ass creatures were Kingdom Of heaven by Ridley Scott

now I found another one : The Kingdom, this movie is about terrorist actions taken place against Americans in Saudi Arabia, a team of U.S government professionals sent to Saudi Arabia to find out who is responsible for it but team got involved in further operations that take them to claws of death, two Arabian soldier - that are not stupid or traitor- help Americans and one of them even killed in the process.
war special effects are good and acceptable and the story has bright points with the end that shows this war is not going to end even when the terrorist leader got killed.
One last thing : I'm not going to believe in good fairy American soldier who cares about a terrorist who shot a friend of her, west is not do anything just for god's sake, it's only oil.