Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Invasion

Invasion (Body Snachers) , a microorganism from space come to earth by a shuttle and spread all over, people who catch the decease will not change until they fall to sleep, in sleep gradually their skin change to something disgusting (temporary) and after waking up they will be same in face & body & memories but their emotions & thoughts will be lost they will become aliens .

Nicole kidman & Daniel Craig are the movie heroes and fight with people changed to aliens and trying to change them into, yeah it's zombie like movie where infected victims spreading decease by hunting other uninfected people but these zombies are not moaning with bloody teared apart clothes trying to bite and eat others, they are highly civilized race with no selfish thoughts they are part of a big mind, a big family they even don't bite but they use ... oh my god... they vomit on face of victims because decease is not spread through just blood but any body liquids, for example by kissing.
there are some people that are imenue to decease which aliens are trying to kill them because they are a danger to community (one of them is kidman's son). except killing these people the aliens didn't do any thing bad, when Bush and other world leaders get infected there were all peace around the world no war no murder no crime no humanish mistakes, all were part of community if i could choose i would select the alien world (actually we should call it machine world).
I don't remember seeing kidman doing action stunts like crazy driving, gun shoting even killing people. a 6.1 of 10 is a kinda suitable score for this movie have fun!.