Thursday, August 07, 2008

Black Sheep

Consider that you are going to write a screen play for a movie about dangerous animals that attack humans and maybe eat them, which animal you would be choose? for more spice add those animals a zombie theme, so which animal?
dogs? no zombie dogs were taken, birds? no, bees? ants? other insects? ... there were all used, lets think of some less harmful creatures, may be a Sheep!

Black Sheep is a horror movie with some funny theme, peaceful dumb sheeps were converted to blood thirty animals that would attack every one except other "sheeps". a boy that afraid of sheeps, a meat-is-murder girl, a farm boy and a gunslinger granny headed to clean the mess. every one that get attacked by a sheep will become a sheep (a sheep walking on two feet),... you knew the rest some horrified screaming people ruuning from sheeps and so on... . I do not regret of watching this movie it has new idea and a fairy tale ending (people get cured by our heros and became human again) . have fun with this were-sheep movie!