Sunday, August 24, 2008

Announcing the Extend Firefox 3 Contest Winners

Three days ago FireFox announced the winners of best FireFox extensions contest here is the list :

Best New Add-on
  • Pencil : GUI prototyping and diagramming that everyone can use
  • Tagmarks : One click bookmark tagging
  • HandyTag : Automatic bookmark tagging
Runners up
  • Webchunks : Firefox implementation of the Internet Explorer Webslices feature, plus more!
  • Badges on Favicons : Add informational badges to the tab favicons
  • Devo : A command launcher for Firefox
  • Close ‘N Forget : close the current tab and forget about the visit
  • Callout : Makes the notification services of the Operating System available for web pages and Greasemonkey scripts
  • Reasy : An RSVP reader

Best Updated Add-on

Best Music Add-on
  • : Direct access to the extensive music library on

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