Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Site for Travel Lovers

The TourismTome is a portal for whom love traveling here is some of it's features from it self:

- Gathering the biggest possible number of photos from all over the world with the locations assigned. Thanks to this, without leaving your house, you will be given the opportunity to see how every recess of the world look like and select the travel of your dreams!

- Creating the biggest possible database of people who can exchange the accommodation (flat, house, etc.) with each other. Do you dream about getting to know the country of your ancestors? Would you like to see a lot without paying much? Do you want to get to know culture, history and customs of particular country? Use the accommodation of one of our users and do the same - invite him/her to your place.

- Creating the biggest possible database of hotels from all over the world. Do you hold the intimacy? Or maybe you are more interested in comfort and cosiness? In our database you will find an appropriate hotel for you.

- Lists of friends. It does not make sense to send photos to your friends and relatives seperately. Create one list of your friends, upload photos to our server and save a lot of time.

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