Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deja Vu

Last year i got a DVD of Deja Vu movie, but the disk get damaged and I can't saw it by the way I got another one from a friend of a colleague and saw it last night. Denzel Washington is a very good artist and I always love his acts.

story is about a smart ATF agent that helps FBI to solve a terrorist operation puzzle but his actual motivation for sacrificing himself is falling in love with a girl that murdered in the past. the FBI have some technology that they can watch the past but they only can have 4 days and 6 hours in the past no rewind,no fast forward so they used some one who may know where to look : Agent Doug Carlin (Washington) .
the story reminds me of Bone Collector movie a cop helps other cops to solve a serial killer and there is a girl that makes Denzel to accept cooperating with them... .
good movie though .

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